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Best Backpacking Meals

We are often asked by new customers, “What are your best backpacking meals?” These were our customer favorites from 2017 –

1. Best Trail Breakfasts

The time between dinner to the next morning is a long time for your body to go without food, so don’t skimp on eating in the morning! Breakfast on the trail can range from eating a quick snack (granola bar) to sitting down to a hearty burrito scramble with coffee. Eating after waking can make a difference in the way you metabolize energy all day.

Best Backpacking Meals

Best Hot Breakfast: Apple Quinoa Oatmeal

When the morning air is cold and crisp, nothing beats the comfort of sipping hot coffee and washing it down with a steaming bowl of porridge. Apple Quinoa is made with a mix of instant tricolor quinoa, oats, and cinnamon apple chunks.

Best Cold Breakfast: Blueberry Maple Crunch

While a hot meal can energize and warm you, sometimes you don’t feel like messing with the stove to boil water. Made with maple cluster granola, blueberries, and instant soy milk, this cereal can be eaten either hot or cold.

Best Breakfast Snack: CinnaMonkey Chomps

Need to get moving quickly? Ready to eat trail snacks are perfect for hurried mornings and require no clean-up. If you love American-style French Toast, you’ll taste the similarity with CinnaMonkey Chomps. At 144 calories/ounce, these baked cinnamon banana rounds are grand for high-calorie finger snacking on the trail.

2. Best Trail Lunches & Snacks

Feel like sitting down for a meal while you admire the beautiful scenery around you? Outdoor Herbivore recommends packing quick (just add cold water) backpacking meals to save you from having to unpack and repack your stove. Here are the winners from 2017.

Best Backpacking Lunches


Best Cold Lunch: Pacific Crest Vinaigrette

Pacific Crest Vinaigrette is a cold salad made with California freeze-dried broccoli, slivered almonds, plump, sweet cranberries and raisins marinated in a zesty vinaigrette. If you crave fresh salad on the trail, this meal will hit the spot.

Best Cold Spread: Instant Hummus

If you need a calorie boost to accompany your Pacific Crest salad, flatbread is an excellent companion. Bread or crackers go even better with hummus. New for 2018, is our Instant Cheezy Squeezy Spread which requires you to add a little bit of water to the bag and squeeze. Instant Cheese Mix is the perfect way to enjoy cheese on the trail without the worry of spoilage. Be sure to bring some crackers or bread.

Best Snack Food: Chili Lime Crunchies

Going stoveless or can’t sit down for a meal? Crunchies are for you! To keep it simple, bring a variety of snacks to eat while you hike. Chili Lime Crunchies are a good start. Best backpacking snacks

Best Hot Lunch (Soup): Chunky Chipotle Chili

If the inclement weather requires you to take an extended mid-day break, try warming up with a spicy soup. You can eat this soup cold, but it tastes best served hot. chunky chipotle chili

3. Best Trail Dinners

Most hikers prefer to end the day with a warm and nourishing meal. Outdoor Herbivore’s hot entrees are made with nutrient-rich foods and flavorful seasonings. The result is a dense calorie meal that is packed with flavor and less sodium. Be sure to reserve time in the evening to enjoy a hearty meal. You earned it. Here are our most popular trail dinners from 2017.

best backpacking dinners

Best Hot EntreeLemongrass Thai Curry tied with Chickpea Sesame G’hetti

Lemongrass Thai Curry is sure to please if you like a coconut-based curry sauce and rice. It is tangy and spicy with notes of lemony citrus.

Chickpea Sesame G’hetti if you like hummus and noodles. Formerly made with slow to reconstitute penne,  ‘Ghetti is the same recipe as Chickpea Sesame Penne but made with a faster cooking pasta.

4. Best Trail Dessert

Need something sweet to end your evening? High mileage days should always close with dessert.

Best Cold Dessert: Choco Coco Chia

A sweet and restorative vegan pudding made with dark chocolate and blueberries.


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