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Cold Cereal for Lunch: Backpacker style

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Instant Cold Cereal: Just Add Water!

Why not? Forget the rules while you are backpacking in the presence of the open sky. Muesli or granola cereal is fast to prepare, loaded in calories, and tastes great.

Hikers are fond of instant meals, energy bars, and candy bars for their convenience factor.  However, we are unimpressed with the ingredients found in most packaged foods since they contain too many processed ingredients, as well as added sweeteners, and an overabundance of sodium.  So, the next time you are craving a quick lunch, instead of pulling out that energy bar: Try cereal.

Outdoor Herbivore makes a high energy instant muesli that is packed with fruit, nuts and seeds and includes instant soy milk (non-GMO) mixed in.  All you have to do is add water, stir, and enjoy.

Of course you can also make your own instant cold cereal by adding a milk powder to cereal ahead of time.  Just measure out the desired amount of cereal, a scoop of dry milk, and package it into a ziplock bag.

What should you look for in a cold cereal that will have adequate calories?

What to look for –

  • Muesli / Granola. A proper muesli or granola cereal should be packed with calories. This means it should contain as many whole grains as possible and a large variety of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.
  • Instant Milk Powder. Make sure you find a milk powder that is instant to prevent clumps. If you insist on purchasing dried cow’s milk, get a version that contains fat. Many of the dried milks, such as Carnation, are non-fat so they will not help you get the energy (calories) you’ll need to endure long days of hiking.  Nestle Nido is a popular whole-milk choice among many backpackers because it is easy to find. You can normally find it in the ethnic or Hispanic section of grocery stores.  Also try Hispanic food markets. Instant dried soy milk is easy to find at health food stores. You can also just add water and forgo the dried milk – milk on cereal is just a silly tradition, anyway.

Enjoy the trail!

You choice of food impacts much more than your own health.  It impacts the health of our environment too.

May you consume wisely,

Outdoor Herbivore

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