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Muir Trail Ranch Resupply

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Reader Question:

We will be hiking the John Muir Trail this summer and would like for you to send a resupply to Muir Trail Ranch. Is it possible for Outdoor Herbivore to ship food to the ranch? As I’m sure you’re aware, they require packages to be packed in a plastic bucket, are you able to do this?


Yes, we can ship your food so that it gets to Muir Trail Ranch! Please order 4 weeks in advance and follow the instructions here.

You’ll need to purchase a 5-gallon shipping bucket when you place your food order with Outdoor Herbivore. During checkout, fill out the shipping location for Muir Trail Ranch (see full shipping address below) and tell us your estimated pickup date.

Second, you’ll have to purchase the Muir Trail Ranch Resupply Service from the MTR website. This fee covers the transportation of your bucket from the Lakeshore Post Office to Muir Ranch. Muir Ranch is located in a very remote area of California and does not have mail delivery. The resupply fee includes pickup from the Post Office, ferrying your bucket across Florence Lake, and transporting it to the ranch by pack horse or off-road vehicle. You must purchase the resupply service if you want your bucket at the ranch.

After you receive the MTR bucket packing label, email us the pdf file by replying to your Outdoor Herbivore order confirmation. We’ll prepare everything the ranch needs to get it there and hold it for you.

Detailed Instructions for Shipping Food (Resupply) to Muir Trail Ranch –

First, Outdoor Herbivore can keep your order as long as necessary, so it is best to order your food sooner rather than later. We require a 4 week minimum lead time to prepare your order for this location.

  1. Purchase your food with a Bucket from Outdoor Herbivore. Our 5-gallon sealed bucket fee is $13.
  2. Place your order from Outdoor Herbivore at least 4 weeks before your pickup date from Muir Ranch. This will ensure it gets from our location in Sacramento, CA to the required 3-week lead time required by Muir Trail Ranch. In the comments form, please indicate “MTR Resupply” and your pickup ETA, so we will know when to process this order. You can tell us your estimated pick up in the comments field. MTR Shipping Address:

Your Name
c/o Muir Trail Ranch Resupply
PO Box 176
Lakeshore, CA 93634

  1. Purchase Muir Trail Ranch Resupply Service by following these resupply instructions. You will receive a packing label after your purchase. As of 2016, the fee is $75 if your order is less than 25 lb. This fee covers the transport of the bucket from Lakeshore Post Office to Muir Ranch and the storage at Muir Ranch. It does not include shipping postage (the postage cost is included in your order from Outdoor Herbivore). What should you use for the ship from address for the bucket packing label?  You can use our address, or wherever you want the food returned if you don’t pick it up from the ranch. If you live outside of the U.S., please use Outdoor Herbivore as your return address. MTR will not return international buckets. Outdoor Herbivore’s Shipping Address:

    Outdoor Herbivore
    4128 El Camino Ave, Suite 2
    Sacramento, CA 95821

  2. Email us the pdf file of your Muir Trail Ranch Resupply packing label that you purchased from Muir Trail Ranch. You can send the pdf file by replying to your Outdoor Herbivore order confirmation email. Keep a copy of your claim ticket. You will need to show your claim ticket and a photo ID to the ranch when picking up your bucket.
  3. Take it easy and start hiking! We’ll pack everything the way MTR needs for your bucket to be transported and securely held at the ranch.

How Many Meals will Fit in 5-Gallon Bucket

You can fit approximately 25 – 35 Hungry Single meals in a 5-gallon bucket, or 12 – 18 Hungry Double meals. Our 7-day backpacking meal comb0 (single) with a few snacks fits well.

Combining Resupply Essentials

Need to order more than food? Trail Supply Co offers a comprehensive resupply service. Here you can add essentials, such as toiletries, gear, and snacks from multiple retailers and have them combined into a single order and shipped directly to your resupply destination when you need them.

Have a question? Please ask us using our contact form.

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