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5 Sites that make Finding Trails Easy

Looking for a new place to hike, run, or cycle? Whether you have recently moved to a new area, are traveling, or are looking for something different, you can easily find sites and apps to direct you to nearby trails. We’ve narrowed the list to include the most comprehensive sites for finding new trails. Many of the sites featured here allow you to filter your search so you can find a particular type of trail, including distance, difficulty, and landmark features. 

1. AllTrails

AllTrails is a comprehensive site that allows you to search for trails based on your location and filter the search results using options such as trail difficulty, interest (i.e. hiking, cycling, kayaking, birding, etc. ), trail length, dog-friendliness, and more.

Mobile App: Yes

Region: USA, Canada




If you are looking for trails in North America, this site makes it easy to find them. Start off by clicking on the country and then click the map to view trails by state/region. You can filter the results based on your city and desired outdoor activity.

Mobile App: Yes

Region: USA, Canada, Mexico, Carribean



3. The Outbound Collective

The Outbound Collective is a worldwide community-built database containing reviews and photos of local adventures. The results are pleasing and are sure to inspire you to get outside. Like most sites, you can filter search results based on activity and other features.

Mobile App: Yes

Region: World


outbound collective desolation wilderness
Review of a hike in Desolation Wilderness


4. Trail Link

TrailLink is a project of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, a U.S. based organization that converts unused railroad tracks to multi-use trails primarily intended for cycling. Many of these trails are paved near major cities which make them excellent for biking, walking and skating. They are also useful for bike commuting since many of the rail trails connect to other trails.

Mobile App: Yes

Region: USA


5. Trail Dino

Train Dino is a massive database of trails worldwide which makes it a fantastic starting point for discovering new hiking trails in unfamiliar areas. It is easy to research trails by country and drill down to a local destination from there. The site contains useful links to other pages so you can view trip reports, trail journals, maps, and more. 

Mobile App: No

Region: Worldwide


Google Earth

Google Earth requires some skill to use, and it requires a lot of bandwidth; however, if you enjoy viewing maps in minute detail, install Google Earth on your computer or phone. Google Earth uses a combination of satellite images and user submitted photos for navigation. Start by searching an area you are familiar with to get a feel for how the software works. To view major U.S. hiking trails, click on the Layer “More”->Parks, Recreation Areas->U.S. National Parks->Trails.

trimble nav

Sites such as Trimble Outdoors use Google Earth to provide GPS-marked trails for your phone which is useful for getting directions to trailheads and GPS coordinates.

Mobile App: Yes

Region: Worldwide

What sites or apps do you use for finding trails?

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